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46 Bitcoin ASIC Miners Hold by Customs at Wuhan Airport in China

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The Chinese Customs official Weibo account posted a video on 7th February, showing the customs staffs are opening the boxes and a total of 46 units of BTC ASIC miners were presented on a table.

From weibo

The 46 BTC miners, labeling them as ‘Servers’, were going to be exported from Wuhan Tianhe Airport. When the customs were opening the box to check the goods, they found they were crypto miners, so they held the miners because of the unmatched declared goods. The staff from the customs said: the shipper declared the goods as the servers for homelands and supermarket stores monitoring, but actually they are the crypto miners for crypto coins mining. It’s a kind of false declaration.

Currently, the miners are transferred to related departments for further investigation.

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