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Coinviewinfo Weekly Report of Crypto Mining

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  1. As reported by Chinese official Media that over 10,100 units of crypto miners were found in a warehouse located Bayannur city, Inner Mogonia. The government found the crypto miners because of the information provided from the residents nearby. Before the case, 45 crypto mining farms or data centers were closed down in Inner Mogonia according to the Chinese policy of “Carbon Neutral”.
  2. The biggest ASIC miner producer, Bitmain, put the official notice that they will stop derlivering the new machines from mainland China starting from 11th October, 2021. For the confirmed future orders, Bitmain said they will search for a better solution for their customers. As Coinviewinfo’s information, Bitmain is going to transfer their Research and Development Department and manufacturing business out of mainland China.
  3. Meanwhile, the biggest E-Commerce company of China, Alibaba, also sent the official notice that all types of products or articles related to crypto miners will not be allowed to be uploaded on Alibaba, starting from 8th October, 2021.
  4. Iran government found the crypto miners under the basement of the Tehran Stock Exchange building. CEO of the company Ali Sahraee has resigned from the company after the case happening.
  5. The minister of energy of Kazakhstan, Magzum Mirzagaliev, said the electricity consumption this year has been rised 7% more than last year due to the increasing crypto mining data centers. He also expressed that the crypto mining business in Kazakhstan seems has no positive effect to the country’s economics, as the mining is consuming the cheap power produced by the country but most of the cryptos are sold to other countries, and not so much profits leave to Kazakhstan. However, Magzum Mirzagaliev also wants to support the crypto mining industry. He said Kazakhstan needs the development of crypto mining and they will search for more green power to support the industry.
  6. Marathon, a crypto mining company which is located in North America, advocated that they produced 1,252.4 bitcoins during the third quater of this year. They totally hold 7,035 bitcoins.
  7. Riot Blockchain, another crypto mining company, advocated that they produced 406 bitcoins during the Septermber this year. They totally hold 3,534 bitcoins, 25,646 crypto miners and the total hashrates is up to 2.6Eh/s.
  8. The current total bitcoin hashrate is 141Eh/s, and the network difficulty is 19.89T according to the data from

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