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Antminer Z15 ZEC


product description Specifications
version Z15
Encryption algorithm/currency EquiHash
Rated computing power (KSol/s) 420
Wall power consumption (Watt) 1510±5%
Energy efficiency ratio (25°C ambient temperature, J/KSol) 3.6±5%
Hardware Configuration
Network connection RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
Bare machine size (length * width * height), mm 245*132.5*290
Outer box size (length * width * height), mm 331*234*391
Bare machine weight (kg) 5.9
Whole machine weight (including packaging, kg) 6.6




Z15 ZECModel: Antminer Z15

Hashrate: 420K

Power: 1510W±5%

Status: January batch

Due to the frequently changing of machine price and quantity, please contact below official support for details before making the order.

Telegram: Isabel_coinview 


other information

weight 6.6 kg
Size 331 × 234 × 391 mm


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