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What did Elon Musk Say about Bitcoin at the B Word Conference

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Elon Musk ( Tesla CEO ), Jack Dorsey ( co-founder of Twitter ), and Cathie Wood ( CIO and CEO of Ark Investment Management ) talked about cryptocurrency at the B word conference on 22 July 2021.

Elon said that in general he supports bitcoin but worries about the publicity because of POW ( proof of work) system. Bitcoin is based on POW and it needs the energy to produce them, and doubt if it is necessary to do such a thing while it may be bad for the environment.

Elon also confirmed to the public that he only owns 2 companies which are Tesla and SpaceX. He personally holds bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin of course.

More details from Elon Musk about bitcoin at the B Word Conference, please watch the video below.

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